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AJ Dellinger

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Journalist in Madison, WI. Covers tech and internet-y type things. ajdellinger@gmail.com a.dellinger@newsweekgroup.com PGP: https://keybase.io/ajdell OTR: ajdellinger@xmpp.jp

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Creator of D&D Is Getting A Memorial - GotGame

Creator of D&D Is Getting A Memorial - GotGame...

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PAX Prime 2011: Perfect World Trying to Perfect Free-to-Play

In a world of  new approaches to old models that no longer make money, there's been a huge movement toward...

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OnLive CEO Finds Shannon's Law Workaround

In the world of wireless bandwidth, there is a fundamental rule that defines the limit for how much data can...

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Nintendo Announces First Ever Online Pokemon Tournament

Nintendo is taking their Pokemon to the world wide web in hopes of catching 'em all in it. The first...

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Netflix to Launch Qwikster, Offer Game Rentals

Netflix is breaking their DVD-by-mail service off of their current Netflix service will focus solely on streaming content. The new...

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League of Legends for Mac Indefinitely Suspended

Despite semi-public beta testing over the past year, League of Legends on the Mac is to be discontinued later this week....

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Deus Ex Live Action Trailer Makes Us Forget it's a Game

If you're a conspiracy theorist of any kind, or are aware of the concept of the Singularity, the new Deus...

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PAX Prime 11: Borderlands 2 First Look

2k Games was in full effect at PAX, bringing in two high profile sequels: Borderlands 2 and The Darkness 2. After...